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Central Service Tech Certified or Apprentice Mercy Health St. Elizabeth Youngstown

Requisition R098158 Market Youngstown, Ohio Department Central Sterile - St. Elizabeth - Central Supply (Spd) Shift All Schedule Full-time

Thank you for considering a career at Mercy Health

This is a bargaining unit position.


The Central Service Technician works under the direct supervision of the Central Service Coordinator/Manager.  Responsible for: many tasks. CS professionals require significant knowledge and skill sets to perform effectively on the job. Skills sets includes: Communication, Facility Systems, Employability, Legal Responsibilities, Safety Practices, Teamwork, and Resource Management. Monitors, prioritizes and performs the following activities to ensure their daily completion. CS technician must understand the roles and responsibilities of individual members as part of the healthcare team, including their ability to promote the delivery of quality healthcare.



High School Diploma is required.


Must have a minimum of one (1) year working experience in a material handling setting. Computer experience is preferred.


Broad Range of Administrative or Technical Skills.

Must be able to communicate effectively with co-workers, nursing/department staff and supervision using medical terminology.   Must be able to understand and utilize efficiently, computer equipment, bar code reader and other inventory control devices.  Utilizes math skills to maintain accurate inventory counts.  Must be able to maneuver/handle supplies weighing up to thirty (30) lbs. and transport supplies via exchange carts or delivery carts.


Assignments Often Diverse.

Must be able to work independently or with minimal supervision.  When manager is not available, must be able to problem solve and prioritize work activities in a manner that established parameters for turnaround time are met.  Receives assistance to make decisions from standard procedures, co-workers and/or supervision. 


Influences Work Area.    

Works under constant pressure answering department inquiries, prioritizing work activities in a manner that  achieves desired turn around, maintaining quality of work during high activity periods.  Must maintain an established workload, responsible for meeting scheduled deadlines for workload.  Must be able to perform during crisis situations to meet the needs of the user department(s).  Must be able to rotate shifts in accordance to hospital policy.   Must be able to provide direction to co-workers to ensure all department activities are completed.


Conveys Basic Facts.

Must be courteous, tactful, mentally alert and emotionally stable while maintaining rapport with hospital departments, and co-workers.  Must maintain constant effort to provide feedback to supervision and user departments.


1.  Inventory of Supplies:

Performs daily inventory of supplies and generates order through approved ordering methods, to ensure inventory levels are maintained. Informs Purchasing of any stock discrepancies or concerns regarding backorders. Keeps co-workers informed of any back-orders, product changes, product substitutes, etc.

 2.  Performs and ensures weekly cycle counts are being completed.  Works with co-workers to

      correct discrepancies and keeps CS Manager updated.

      a.  Identifies reasons for discrepancies.

      b.  Makes necessary inventory adjustments.

 3.  Liaison:

      Acts as a liaison between CS and other departments to resolve problems when the CS manager is not available. 

      a.  Responds to requests when feasible.

      b.  Communicates pertinent information to following shifts.

      c.  Notifies CS manager or appropriate management personnel regarding critical issues.

 4.  Exchange Carts/Par Level Inventory:

Delivers exchange carts to nursing and ancillary units/areas, collects patient charge cards where applicable and returns depleted exchange carts to CS for restocking. Utilizes hand held inventory unit to inventory carts and generate supply picklists. Utilizes picklists to replace/replenish depleted supplies.  Stages carts for the next scheduled exchange. Fill exchange carts/par level locations in an accurate and timely fashion.

5.  Order Filling and Delivery:

Utilizes computer generated picklists for filling weekly orders that are submitted in accordance with established order/delivery schedule. Delivers orders to requesting area/unit and obtains a signature to verify delivery/receipt. Maintains delivery sheets for future reference  

 6.  Receipt of Supplies and Stocking:

Checks the receipt of all incoming supplies.  Verifies the quantity received and product specifications against that of the packing slip or delivery/stocking document.  Reports any discrepancies to supervision.  Accurately inputs receipts into the Materiel Management computer system to update purchase order information and supply quantities on hand.

Accurately labels patient charge items with bar code labels.  Places supplies in designated storage locations.  Discards shipping cartons and plastic accordingly.

 7.  Hand Held Inventory Units:

Ensures that units are always re-charged after use.  Keeps Manager or Resource Coordinator updated on all problems to ensure expeditious repair. Updates hand held units when changes are made to exchange cart quotas. Utilizes hand held units to perform inventory on all exchange carts and to perform daily inventory of supplies maintained in Surgery. Downloads inventory counts from hand held units to the PC for generation  of supply pick-lists.

 8.  Inputs Patient Charges:

Utilizes computer system to input patient charges generated from exchange cart supply  usage or dispatch area supply requests. Performs patient charge function in a timely and accurate process (e.g. within 72 hours of  patients date of service). Corrects daily any errors in patient charges.

 9.  Contacts vendor(s) to place orders for rental beds that have been requested by one of the nursing units.  Sends copy  of requisition to Fiscal Services for invoice matching.

10.  Surgery Inventory:

      a.  Utilizes hand held inventory unit to perform daily inventory of all CS stocked

          medical/surgical supplies maintained in Surgery.  Performs weekly inventory of in-stock

          suture maintained in Surgery.

      b. Generates supply picklists to replenish needed supplies.  Retrieves supplies from CS stock

           locations and transports supplies to Surgery.  Accurately and neatly places supplies in

           designated locations.

      c.  Performs daily inventory on medical gas cylinders that are used in Surgery.  Submits order to Bulk Distribution for filling and subsequent delivery.  Empty cylinders will be removed by the delivery person and returned back to the Distribution Center.  Transports cylinders on safety approved carts.  Chains tanks in storage areas. 

11.  Dispatch Area Requests:

Accurately and expeditiously fills computer generated orders or hand delivered requisitions.  Upon completion, places supplies in designated staging area for pick-up by the user.  Uses tube system  to send small orders to the requester.  Maintains turn-around policy for filling routine orders within 30 minutes and stat orders within 5 minutes. Performs data input functions on a computer system to relieve inventory, generate patient charges and to credit unused supplies return by the user department. Issues patient care equipment and ensures proper patient charging is performed. Answers telephone, takes messages and relays call or message to the appropriate person in a  manner that ensures accurate and timely follow-up.

12.  Communication Skills:

       a.  Communicates with customers in a courteous and friendly manner.

       b.  Provides accurate and timely follow-up to questions regarding supplies and status on an order.

       c.  Informs the Manager or Resource Coordinator of supply shortages, supply discrepancies, or equipment shortages.

13.  Must adhere to hospital policy for maintaining confidentiality.  Has access to patient information and supply cost information.

14.  Handles supplies and equipment in a manner that prevents personal injury or damage to the product.

15.  Participates in educational programs and in-services as assigned.  Attends meetings as required.

16.  Assists in orientation and training of newly hired personnel in relation to job function and duties.

17.  Performs all related tasks and duties as assigned by the manager or resource coordinator.

Physical Demands

Occasional – 1 to 33% of workday

Frequent – 34 – 66% of workday

Constant – 67 – 100% of workday

Not at all – 0% of workday


Sitting, Unilateral Vertical Reach 36-72”, lift 0-20#, 6-36” from floor; lift 0-20#, 36-48” from floor; climbing stairs; operating machines (2 hand(s)).


Unilateral Horizontal Reach 0-18”; push/pull 100’, 19ft.lbs.


Standing, walking: 2.3 mph, 0 incline; bilateral fine motor manipulation; functional near, far, color vision aided or unaided; functional hearing aid or unaided; functional verbal communication skills; working overtime as assigned to meet operational/patient care demands.

Not at All

Hold 200# patient sidelying while doing procedure x 2 min; roll 200# patient away/toward self; transfer 105# person chair-chair 5x/hr. with gait belt; bed-cart transfer with 200# person and assist of one with sheet; lift 0- ___# 6-36” from floor; lift 0- ___# 6-72” from floor; climbing ladders, working from heights, crawling, kneeling, running, operating machines: (2 foot/feet).

Category II Job Classification – HMHP employees who have jobs with tasks that rarely involve exposure to blood, body fluids, or tissues and have no contact with used sharps.

Job Hazard Risks:


Infectious Disease Exposure

Hazard Materials Exposure (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical)

Workplace Violence Potential

The above statements are only meant to be a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities performed by incumbents of this job. The incumbents may be requested to perform job-related tasks other than those stated in this description.

Mercy Health is an equal opportunity employer.

We’ll also reward your hard work with:

  • Comprehensive, affordable medical, dental and vision plans
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Life insurance w/AD&D
  • An employer-matched 403(b) for those who qualify.
  • Paid time off
  • Educational Assistance
  • And much more

Scheduled Weekly Hours:


Work Shift:



Central Sterile - St. Elizabeth - Central Supply (Spd)

All applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, genetic information, or protected veteran status, and will not be discriminated against on the basis of disability. If you’d like to view a copy of the affirmative action plan or policy statement for  Mercy Health – Youngstown, Ohio or Bon Secours – Franklin, Virginia; Petersburg, Virginia; and Emporia, Virginia, which are Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer, please email If you are an individual with a disability and would like to request a reasonable accommodation as part of the employment selection process, please contact The Talent Acquisition Team at

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